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Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Services

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Staying Safe

Safety checking and planning skills
-We provide survivors emotional support, information, options, and assistance.

Providing options
– We inform survivors of their rights.

Accompaniment and support in legal proceedings
– We accompany survivors through the medical exam, police interview, and court proceedings, if wanted.

Support in healing
– We respect all of the survivor’s decisions and choices.

Clarifying issues
– We work with survivors to Identify barriers to safety

We’re here to help!

  • Solve Problems Information about your rights: legal, housing, employment
  • Be there so you do not do anything alone, or without support
  • Listen and understand

Call any day, anytime (360) 748-6601 | (800) 244-7414

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Hope Alliance advocates for and empowers survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. Hope Alliance also seeks to effect social change by collaborating with community partners to inspire life without violence.