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Life Skills for Teens: Life without Drama

Drama makes for an interesting life, but too much drama?  No so much!! “Life Skills for Teens” will help you build a life without unwanted drama. This fun group will gathjer to discuss those topics that can make life difficult, providing information, tools, and experiences that can smooth the road in front of you.

Do You want exciting, but safe relationships without drama, conflict and pain? Guide maps to navigate the mazes of living on your own, managing your money, getting and keeping a job, and other challenges? If so, mark your calendar on your phone for “Life Skills for Teens” is currently on hold!


Safe Dating

What to look for in a healthy relationship, as well as warning signs of danger.  How do you handle drama when it arises?

Social Media, Its Safe Uses and its Risks

Relationships are rarely permanent, but FaceBook posts are. What’s safe and what’s not? How to respond to online bullying.

Authority Figures! We all have ’em!

What do they want? How can you be yourself with them?

Being a member or a friend to the LGBTQ community

Coming out. When your best friend comes out. Dealing with bullies. What is an ally?

And much, much more!

Fun and enlightening games!

Door Prizes!!

Incentives for participation, including:

Food          Gas Cards        Gift Cards          Movie Tickets

But most of all, you will receive skills that will help you create your own life without unwanted drama.

Bring your Friends. You will have a good time!

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